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Right ad, right landing page.
Get actionable intelligence to improve advertising ROI on PPC landing pages.

Free during Beta!  Find out more about how to get early access.



Know what your customers see after they click your ad.

ConversionWatch connects directly to your AdWords account. It performs a little wizardry and then shows you a new way of looking at your ads and campaign performance data, with everything grouped by landing page.



Ads + Landing Pages = Better ROI

Side-by-side display of ads and landing pages
Make sure your ads are pointing to the right page, ensuring a seamless customer experience, higher Quality Scores, and better conversion rates.

Landing page gallery
See all of your landing pages displayed on one page so you can easily identify design, content and performance patterns.


Save Your Spend for Pages that Work

Page status and performance alerts
Get notifications when there is a significant conversion rate change or a 404, so you can take action and stop the bleeding.

Audit trail
Keep track of how your landing pages have changed over time. Screenshots of each page are taken on a regular basis and whenever an alert is triggered.

ConversionWatch is free during Beta!